Anna Brambilla

Italian photographer in Bergen, Norway

About me

My name is Anna Brambilla, I'm a 25 years old photographer in Bergen, Norway. I come from Italy and I used to take a lot of pictures when I was a child, with my mom old reflex and then, at some point, I just quit. It took several years to realize that I missed that and to fall in love again with a camera for a second time. For all these years, I have been using my Nikon just for fun, trying to take nice shot without really think about what I was doing. Last March I drop off my studies and I have been thinking a lot about what I truly want to do with my life and just recently I decided to put myself into art for real.


So, here are some of my photographs from Flickr.
My KIT counts a Nikon D5000 and Nikkor lenses 18-55mm, 55-200mm and my beloved 50mm 1.8.

365 days project

At the end of August '14 I have started a 365 self portraits' project. People told me that I use to underestimate myself, that I don't see what's real and what isn't. I should be more confident, they said, because I am such a good person - of course, who told me that is someone who truly love me. So here I am. I am not sure this is helping with the 'self-confidence' thing, but I am realizing that, taking pictures every single day, makes improve my skills.


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